Ever Wonder What is The Process Of Making A Bespoke Tailored Suit?

Tailored suit with REX Custom Tailor starts with taking multiple bespoke measurements of the client’s body. After taking the measurements, our master tailor will then draw the shape of the jacket on a brown paper using instincts he has developed over the years. This is where experience comes in. 

Body shape cutting is the most important factor of a suit. The tailor has to know how to play around with various types of body. For instance, a bodybuilder with huge shoulder/chest, elderly people with hunched back or even kids with tiny body. 

Only tailor with years of experience can cut out the shape of the suit that fits the client’s body perfectly and comfortably. This cutting will then basically be the architectural plan of the suit.

After the shape of the body is drawn and cut out in the paper, the paper will then laid on the fabric to form a pattern. The cutting of fabric is also done by hand. The cut of fabric will be adjusted again after fitting.

Sewing up the separate parts of the jacket is the job of the coat maker. They baste the pieces of the fabrics together for the first fitting with white cotton thread.

At the first fitting, the customer sees the fabrics he has chosen taking shape as a suit for the first time. This is an exciting moment since up to now the suit has existed only in the minds of the customer and the cutter. At this stage, everything about it can still be altered.

The suit is now taken apart again and goes back to our master tailor. He will then make up the second version of the suit, including the alterations agreed at the first fitting.

After that, the buttonholes are added. Again, it is a labor-intensive process. It takes several hours to stitch around all the buttonholes with silk thread.

Lastly, once the suit is properly pressed, our client can then come for his long-awaited collection of the suit. If he now thinks that the suit is right and expresses his satisfaction, then the job is done.

Know you know how a bespoke suit is made. Welcome to try out on your own!