Frequently asked questions

1. How long does it takes for a tailor-made suit?

We normally take 1  to 2 weeks delivery time for a suit. Any adjustments in time is discussable.

2. What is the process for me to get a suit tailored made?

1. Select suit's colour & material depend on budget and function.

(eg dinner,meeting,wedding,casual)

2. Measurement of body by tailor.

3. Come back again for fitting (half-done suit) to make sure customer is satisfied with the cutting.

4. Collect the completed suit!

(The entire process took about 1 week from order to deliver,we also take urgent orders)

3. What is so special about REX Custom Tailor?

The most important factor in tailoring is the cutting process.A tailor has to be experienced in order to cut the perfect shape of client's body which would results in a bespoke suit that fits their body perfectly.With that being said,REX Custom Tailor has over 30 years of experience and had won many prizes across whole Malaysia.We are professional in this field and definitely can tailor-made to any size of suit.

4. What if I'm unavailable during your business hours?

You can always make an appointment with us. Give us a call and we will wait for you.


5. How do we choose fabrics for our suit? There are so many kind of fabric materials.

Don't worry,our tailor will always guide you on selecting the perfect material that meets your requirements. Suit's design and material depend on which function you will be attending and also colour matching. Speak to our tailor and he will provides you the bespoke suggestions with his professional experience.

6. How much does a suit cost?

The starting price for a suit(Jacket&Trouser) would be RM550. The price depends on the type of fabrics that you've chosen.