Corporate Attire | Business Wear

We offer the two most common types of suits worn in the business setting: the 2-piece suit and the 3-piece suit.

• A 2-piece suit consists of a jacket and pants.

• A 3-piece suit consists of a jacket, pants and a vest.

You should choose your style based on the type of event you will be attending — but you can always seek advice from our master tailor if you have any doubts. We can answer all your suit-related questions. They’re all worth asking, especially if you are investing in a bespoke tailored suit for the first time.

     Our tailor-made suits go through a detailed production process. Click below to learn more about how our suits come together.



Formal wear | Tuxedo

Tuxedos are typically reserved for the dressiest events on your calendar. Anytime an invitation indicates that the attire is formal, black tie, or black tie optional — a tuxedo is best. You might wear a tux to a:

• Formal dinner party

• Wedding reception

• The opening of the opera, ballet or symphony

• A ball or formal dance



Bespoke Shirts | Short-sleeved and Long-Sleeved

Our custom-made short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts for men or women are a perfect balance between casual and formal.

     They’re more formal than a tee and more casual than a blazer or jacket. Plus, you can wear them in many different ways: Pair them with chinos, jeans or trousers, tuck them in when needed or keep them untucked when you are going out with friends or shopping. Our shirts also come with cufflinks for special occasions.



Cufflinks | Tie Pins

A classy and well-tailored suit will look good on just about anyone. But to really stand out in the crowd, you’re going to want to pair it with some accessories. The right accessory can give a formal outfit a personalized flare, or step up a casual look to something more.



Fix Your Coat, Pant, Shirt or Jeans

Do you have an oversized coat? Jeans or a shirt that’s too long? Our alteration services can help.

     Not every tailor can alter a coat to fits your body perfectly. Doing so requires a skilled tailor with experience in handling each part of the body and different body types.

     Most ready-made coats, shirts or pants can only be made smaller and shorter, not bigger or longer. They aren’t sold with spare cloth inside.

     However, a tailor-made coat, shirt or pant will always have some spare cloth in case you grow bigger— helping it last longer.



Ready Made Blazers | For Sale or Rent

We rent blazers starting from as low as RM50 per day. Our ready-made blazers are also available for purchase. We also offer personalization and can sew your name inside your blazer after you have purchased it.


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Tailor Made Baju Melayu

We produce tailor-made Baju Melayu, incorporating any design you provide. Just show us a picture of what you envision, and we will do the rest.

You can choose either fabric available in our store or bring in your own. If you chose to provide your own fabric, we will only charge for labor.


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Government Apparel | Factory Uniforms

We provide corporate uniforms for:

-Malaysian government agencies

-Manufacturing facilities

We are available to submit bids on government and corporate products. We can also quote prices via email. Walk-in customers are welcome.



Custom T-shirt Printing | Customize Your Own Design

If you're just looking for a T-shirt, we can help with that, too. We use top-quality fabrics in cotton, jersey, microfibre and Polo-style. 

     We also have various colors available to choose from. Just show us the design and estimate how many you need, and we will quote you a price. Our T-shirts are perfect for classrooms and corporate events. 

     Expect a 1-month delivery time for custom orders.



Dato Jacket | No.1 Dress | Dato Dinner Jacket

Being granted the title of Datuk meant that you were acknowledged as someone important in Malaysia. 

During the Investiture, the chosen ones are summoned to wear a special uniform to honour the proceedings. In REX Custom Tailor,we are honoured to provide tailor-made Dato Jacket and No.1 Dress for the honourable Dato.