Formerly known as REX Appeal, REX Custom Tailor was born in ’66 in the mind of Mr. Phang Khim Hai. Since the beginning, our vision has been to empower men with affordable suit tailoring, delivering garments that are made to fit your body and your body only.

After Mr. Khim Hai’s retirement in 2016, Mr. Chung Giin Shyang took over as director, bringing more than 30 years of industry experience to the table. Mr. Giin Shyang’s tailoring career began when he was just 14 years old. At 20 years of age, Mr. Giin Shyang began participating in tailoring contests. He never failed to flaunt his skills and take home the prizes to prove it.


12th National Suit Display Open Competition-Champion 


10th National Suit Display Open Competition-First Runner Up  


10th National Jacket Cutting Open Competition-Second Runner Up


9th National Jacket Cutting Open Competition-Champion


8th National Jacket Cutting Open Competition-First Runner Up 


7th National Suit Display Open Competition-Excellent Award


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At REX Custom Tailor, we believe in using the power of bespoke, custom-tailored suits to tell a story. You’ll set yourself apart from other well-dressed men, with attire that flatters every angle of your body.

Here’s what you can expect when working with REX:

  1. Our tailors will guide you through the fabric-selection and design process, refining your style depending on your needs and desires.
  2. We’ll take your measurements
  3. You’ll have your body shape drawn onto a sheet of brown paper
  4. The fabric will be cut out using this paper
  5. Tailoring will be performed by the manufacturing facility, with the fabric sewn together
  6. During your first fitting session, we’ll let you try on your half-complete suit. Please remember this is not what the final suit will look like - this is purely for fitting purposes. After this, we can make final tweaks to ensure optimal comfort and the perfect fit.
  7. We’ll deliver your final tailored suit!

Today, our talented team of top tailors boasts diverse experience in cutting, nipping, and tucking, guaranteeing the perfect fit - every time. We’ve worked with men of all shapes and sizes over the years. 

No matter your body shape, you’re guaranteed a suit that fits like a glove, fusing comfort with aesthetical perfection. You’ll enjoy a real, raw experience that’s true to your needs, body type, and personal style.

To experience the REX difference for yourself, give us a call or drop by our showroom today. We look forward to showing you what the perfect suit looks and feels like soon.

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