Trouser 2

Trousers does a good job as a tricky beast in fashion. A good trouser can bring everything together even when they aren’t the star of the show. However, getting a perfect trouser for yourself isn’t a simple task. There are lots of details to pay attention to, in terms of fabric choice, trouser’s fit, cuffs and more. Now, leave the complex details to the expert and take a look at some of the trouser’s details.

Pleated vs Flat Front

Which is better? Flat-front or pleated pants? Well, while it is commonly know that pleats are outdated, but that all depends on your personal style, and the fit. So, what the difference between these two and which one shall you choose?

Pleated are stitched in place to provide more mobility and allow more room in the legs of pants. In other words, you’ll feel more comfortable while wearing pleated pants.

On the other hand, flat fronts pant is contemporary and will create a smooth and slim outline. Flat front pant is usually paired with slim cut and it look better than pleated pants. The only con is that wearer might feel a little uncomfortable on the legs as they are slim cut pants.

Plain Hem vs Cuff Hem

You might never consider about the hem of your trouser before, but it’s still something that you should pay attention of. Plain hem is often paired with a flat-front pant. This is the classic trouser’s style and it provides a long and clean line through the leg, making you look taller.

Cuff hem has gain its popularity throughout the years and it adds weight to the bottom of your trousers. It works for both flat-front and pleated pants. If you’re tall, you should consider cuff hem. If you’re feeling trendy, try trousers that are tapered and raised cuff hem to show off your ankles.